Monday, 18 March 2013

All has been quiet on the Green Kingdom front for a while now. It has been too difficult for me to write a blog post, as we lost Miyuki, our white wolf, unexpectedly in 2012. She was my inspiration, a gentle, dignified soul, who is deeply missed. I can feel her watching over our little family, but it is not the same as having her physical presence right here with us. I have made the decision to sign off on the Green Kingdom blog for now. Without Miyuki, the words just don't flow, and life is about to get a little hectic for our family with another move on the horizon, and our third human baby due in 5 weeks. I am finding life is not the same without the company of a canine, so we will likely get another dog sometime in the future. When that happens, I am sure I will once again have stories and anecdotes to delight you all. When I am inspired to write again, you will find the new blog attached to the Roar Kingdom website. RIP Miyuki

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